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Cynthia rated this business at 10 on April 1, 2015 -- 12:19 pm
Diamond really cares about your health and well being. His products are the best and Diamond is a wealth of knowledge and so hospitable. I recommend his products and trust him 100%.

Myra rated this business at 10 on July 29, 2009 -- 10:24 am
My sister lives in California and told me about Diamond and a new diet plan that she was on – I did not really listen until she told me her weight loss was up to 40 pounds in only 3 months! I started the diet and lost 47 pounds in 3 months my husband has also lost 35 pounds. I would recommend Diamonds diet plan to anyone. In addition Diamond is extremely professional and always a joy to work with. I went from a 16+ to a size 8! I had not been a size 8 in about 12 years and I tried every diet out there Atkins, Slimfast, Weight Watchers – you name it I tried it! I even went to the gym for 9 months and did not loose as much as I have now. I have never felt better! I have about 10 pounds to reach my goal but feel that I’m right on track. My sister is at her goal weight and feels great! Thanks to Diamond I can finally get into my “skinny” jeans!

Marie rated this business at 10 on September 1, 2008 -- 9:01 pm
I was looking for weight loss and was I glad that a friend reccomended Good Mother Health Foods. I spoke to the man in charge "Diamond", a very handsome man I must say. He is an example of being healthy! He set me up on some product that I just take once a day along with a shake and I guarantee you won't be hungry. You will have to make yourself eat because you know you body needs it. You don't change a thing just take the pill and shake. The better you eat and the more you exercise only speeds up the weight loss. I give them a 10 and reccomend them to all my friends and even a stranger in the diet section of the grocery store!

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