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Jessica rated this business at 1 on November 5, 2007 -- 10:17 pm
Nov.5th,2007 called ahead b4 going to your store. to check and see if you had helium for balloms. Because on Oct.22,2007 The Dallor tree store in Covina call for the same thing I drove down to the San Dimas location after being told yes we do have helium and San Dimas was out. Once agien today they were out. I was made to drive down to your store for the second time wasting my time for something that was not thier for me in the first place. I call both times b4 going to the San Dimas location. When I called to day to complain to the manager Percilla she was very rude and said what do you want me to do about it. I asked her to be more responsible and to make sure the employee paid more attention. I also mention to her that I was in the Store on Saturday Nov.3 2007 and the employee were very rude at one point well shopping down the craft row one of the employee's yelled out OH -DELETED- WHAT F... OH HELL NO I'M NOT GONA DO ALL THAT WORK YOU DO IT.... I think they were all messing around cause there were about 3 or 4 of the standing in the middle of the store (by the rigister) After talking to Percilla for a bite right I believe she was one of the employee's stand in the crowd I could be mistake but the voice seem fimilar. I use to like shopping in your store, I even Had take my daughter that day to get a job application. After hearing the way your employee carried on. I made her trough it away. I told Percilla I felt the store was to getto. I felt as if were shopping in a bad part of town. I will be calling San Dimas Chamber of Commerce to make the same complaint. I feel that the city deserve a better business in the area. Or maybe you just need better employee's I also want you to know that I asked Percilla for a phone number to make a complaint and she gave me 757-321-5000 I asked if she could tell me what city or if this was a long distance phone call. she said I gave you the call and find out I don't know I don't want to argue with you. I said to her I'm not wanting to argue either but I am very upset that she made us waste are time and thought it was funny when she told my daughter in the store Oh -DELETED- and some lady just call to see if we had Helium... She said to me what ever and Hung up on me.... I called her back she would come to the phone I could hear her yelling I don't want to talk to her I gave that lady the number what else dose she want . I let the employee know to tell her I would be filling a complaint due to her bad treatment. I think you need better management. when getting better management I believe you'll have better employee's Thank You, Jessica

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