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james rated this business at 1 on July 25, 2005 -- 8:37 am
you guys are thieves .I WANT MY MONEY BACK !I will do what ever it takes to put the word out on your whole operation .After reading other complaints from other customers I think im going to the police.Maybe I will file a claim.F U SALESCO!

Ty rated this business at 1 on June 1, 2005 -- 11:33 am
Purchased theater seating from them in June '04. Had a problem with 2 of the seats (spring popped, and broken arm rest). When I called, they told me to call the manufacturer of the seats, which I did. Got no where with them. Tried to get back in contact with them, but no response. A true run-around. What good is a warranty if they won't honor it? Will not do business with again...

Dana rated this business at 1 on January 21, 2005 -- 8:40 am
I really wish I could rate them less than a zero I have spoken to this "Alvina" also. They won't let you speak to the owner or give out information regarding who own the business to complain. We ordered a canopy building and got nothing but the run around. It was over a month late, pieces were missing. They charged our credit card the day we ordered it. We called to find out status and got hung up on and yelled at. Why doesn't someone do something about this company? I am filing a claim with the BBB and the FTC but is this going to get anywhere? Hey ShopSanDimas - can you look into this??????

BBB report (F) rating rated this business at 1 on January 14, 2005 -- 4:00 pm
DBA: Salesco » Other Address: 949 Cataract Avenue, Suite L San Dimas, CA 91773 » Other Primary Phone: (909) 394-3090 » Other Primary Fax: (909) 394-3096 » Other Primary Contact: Charles Smith, Owner » Other E-mail Address: Website: » Other Company ID: 13018585 Business Start Date: 1/1/1982 BBB Created Record on: 7/31/1995 Nature of Business: This company's business is selling auto accessories via mail order. BBB Comments and Analysis Bureau's Comments and Analysis of Company's Business We have no further comment about this company’s business practices or analysis of its offer that may assist you in your consideration of this company. Licensing Licensing Agency: License Number: Status: This license permits the company to perform the following services: We know of no licensing or registration requirement for companies engaged in this company's stated type of business. Salesco Company Rating F Rating Explanation: The rating the Better Business Bureau assigns a business is determined by our composite score of such factors as its type of business, length of time in business, compliance ... » Full Rating Explanation Complaint Experience Bureau Summary and Analysis of customer complaints and company responses: Some complainants allege the company sends substituted merchandise instead of the ordered product. Others receive defective merchandise or nothing at all. Most customers complain of difficulties obta... » More Complaint Closing Statistics The following grid displays the number and responses to complaints over the last 36 months: No. of Cmpl Type of Response 21 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested 9 Making a partial refund 71 Agreeing to perform according to their contract 0 Refusing to make an adjustment 3 Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement 123 Unanswered 0 Unassigned

FTC Fraud Alert-Salesco rated this business at 1 on January 14, 2005 -- 12:19 pm
Agency: Description: On December 19, 2001, the Federal Trade Commission filed a civil complaint against this company and it's principals, charging them with violations of the Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule. The complaint alleged the company made unsubstantiated shipment representations, failed to provide consumers with timely and complete delay notices; substituted merchandise which was materially different from what consumers ordered without the consumers prior consent; and charged customers a 20% cancellation fee when consumers cancelled because of delayed shipments. On December 19, 2001, without admitting wrongdoing, the defendents entered into a Consent Decree with the Commission which enjoined them from any future violations of the law as were alleged in the complaint filing. The decree also requires the defendents to keep specific detailed records of their systems and procedures implemented for compliance with the Mail and Telephone Order Rule. The defendents are also required to compile from their business records, a list of consumers whose refunds were discounted due to cancellation fees when customers opted to cancel orders due to delayed shipments. These customers are to receive full refunds, with proof of the redress activity reported to the Commission staff. If you believe you should be included in the consumer redress program, or require additional information on this case, you may contact the Commission at 202-326-2967, or visit their website at Date of Action: 12/19/2001

Jimmy rated this business at 1 on January 12, 2005 -- 2:30 pm
Be aware of this website! (Rating -10) They will take your order and your money and will not deliver any goods. They will not respond to e-mails. If you call, they will not let you speak to anyone in charge, instead they will transfer you to "Alvina", who tells you whatever she thinks you want to hear. She will tell you your order is shipped without even looking anything up. I cancelled my order after being lied to 3 times and they refuse to credit my account. I am forced to have the credit card company do a charge back and complain to the BBB. In fact, someone should notify the cops about this site because it seems like nothing but a rip-off.

David rated this business at 1 on June 8, 2004 -- 1:32 pm
Have received no response from this company(SALESCO) in regards to a truck seat ordered in April. My VISA account has been charged and I would like to know if my order has been processed, shipped, etc...Any assistance will be appreciated. D.Acre

Terry rated this business at 1 on January 30, 2004 -- 5:05 pm
On a scale of one to 10, Salesco is a zero in customer service, a zero in meeting delivery promises, and a minus one in the quality of their manufactured goods. The people on the phone are rude, refuse to give specific information about orders, and refuse to transfer you to a manager when requesting to speak to one. Neither workmanship nor quality control is evident in the theater seats I received. Padding in one arm was missing. Material was uncut and not fastened to the frame. I would never order anything fomr them again.

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