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Ken rated this business at 1 on August 28, 2004 -- 5:41 pm
Poor attitude after sales. No breakdown on the price given in writing. After installing floor in one room, when we went back to ask questions the salesman was very defensive and refused to show the original cost figures. We intended to do the whole house, but took our business elsewhere. The floor looks great and installation was quick.

Skeezy rated this business at 1 on May 11, 2004 -- 12:00 am
Carpet way overpriced. The agreement didn't include a breakdown of costs - only a total. Like a fool, I agreed to buy their carpet and tile. BUT They arrived a day early to install -- without notifying me -- however, the rolls of carpet didn't match the order, so I had to re-order. Promised delivery date 8 days later - postponed AGAIN by Sav-On while all my furniture is stored in the garage. I canceled the order and am hoping for a full refund, but they tell me it will be two days before a check can arrive from Cucamonga. Manager seems honest, but sales person clearly a used car salesman type. I should have recognized the symptoms and never dealt with Sav-On Carpet and Tile

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