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helena rated this business at 10 on May 3, 2013 -- 2:05 pm
I contracted Nick bufalino few years ago to install 4 Solatube units in my home. I'm very happy with the result and my friends are amazed of the improvement in my house with so much light and clarity in the rooms. The installation was perfect and I never have had any problem. I'm looking for Nick for his advise on a new room after some remodeling. The telephone #s in his card are not in service, same #s in the Internet, please help. Thank you. HELENA PIEDRAHITA 626 810-2402

Shelley rated this business at 5 on November 8, 2006 -- 1:33 pm
I had 3 Solatubes installed about a month ago, and really like them. However, the service from Sun Channel is very poor. They installed two units in my dinning room, and because I was having the acoustic removed from my ceiling, I asked the ceiling be scraped around to facing of the tube. The installer scrapped one, but did not scrape the other. Therefore one is flush to the ceiling and the other is not. When I called Sun Channel, it immediately became apparent that they were not going to own up to the mistake. First, the owner’s wife told me that it was the person who scraped my ceiling’s fault. Later, the owner; Nick denied I ever told him that I was getting my ceiling scraped and they were not to blame. When I stated that if that was the case, why was one scarped and the other, in the very same room not? Nick stated that maybe it was a mistake and he'd talk to the installer and call me back. I haven't heard a thing since. I like the Solatubes very much and have plans to get others installed in my home, just not through Sun Channel – to install these they have to cut holes in your roof. When getting something like this done to your home, you should work with a company that will own up to their mistakes and fix things not done correctly. If they are giving me a hard time about fixing a very minor problem, I can only imagine how they would react if it involved a leak in my ceiling!

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