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Don rated this business at 1 on November 19, 2008 -- 12:52 am
The Better Business Bureau rates this business at "F." Check it out for yourself: BBB Report on

David rated this business at 1 on August 15, 2008 -- 8:45 pm
Buyer Beware!!!!!!!! We learned of through their very polished internet advertising. We contracted with the owner Lynn Dravis for a Hyster refurbished forklift. He supposedly found us a lift, sent us an inspection report and guaranteed us a great lift upon inspection, or our money back. Mr. Dravis required a 50% deposit for the lift wired into his account, which we provided. The deal fell apart when did not provide a forklift as promised. They did agree to return my deposit, but as it turned out we received only promises for the return of our deposit, and in the end only one bad check. It has been more than a year since Lynn Dravis received our deposit and he most definitely has no intention of returning it. It is my opinion that is an internet scam. Check this company out throughly. There are others that have had similar experiences. Buyer Beware!!!!!!!!!

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