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Phone: (909) 592-5131

Business Hours:
Monday-Friday: 10 AM - 7 PM
Saturday: 10 AM - 6 PM
Sunday: 11 AM - 5 PM

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Customer Reviews
Average Customer Rating: 6.8

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Dayana rated this business at 1 W on November 29, 2015 -- 4:22 pm
This is my favorite store to buy my ezikiel bread and my vegani...But there's this RUDE GUY THAT OPENS ON SUNDAYS HE REFUSE TO LET ME IN WHEN IT WAS 11:10 and they open at 11 door was fully open saying they weren't ready but just and shut the door rite in my face bad customer service .

Hooha rated this business at 10 on March 13, 2014 -- 2:18 pm
I love this store, but keep a watchful eye when they are ringing up your groceries. The older caucasion woman charged me twice for the same tub of macadamia nuts & I had to stand in a long line to get her to correct it on the receipt. Another visit, same woman tacked on an extra $100 to my order, but after I showed it to her, she corrected it. When she gave me change, she shorted me by 1 penny, but because it was just 1 cent, I didn't make a deal of it. Because they don't scan items and use a sophisticated Point of Sale system, human error can occur. Just keep an open eye out for mishaps like that.

Lorelle rated this business at 10 on December 28, 2013 -- 12:19 pm
I absolutely love this store and have been going to it for 7 + years. I have always found the sales clerks to be knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. The store is small except well packed with a diverse selection of vitamins, food, and sundries. My compliments to the owners for having the foresight to hire the best sales clerks and for treating them very well as their turnover is low. Keep up the great work and service!

Trang rated this business at 1 W on March 4, 2013 -- 5:18 pm
I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED THAT BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR WHOLE MY LIFE.The employees there are not helpful. THEY DO NOT CARE AND REFUSE TO HELP YOU. At that store, you can not return your merchandise anytime you want. Instead, you have to depend on the manager's schedule other wise you have to wait 30m or 1 hour when he come back from lunch time or have to be back. No mater how far you live from store or how inconvenient you are when you have to go back, you can not return your merchandise if their manager is not there because the manager does not trust his employees to do it (according to the employee). Even though you tried so hard to tell his employees to give him a call to explain your situation to see what he can do to help you and even you told the employee that "it doesn't hurt her if she give her manager a call" , what you got back was "I am sorry, I can not give him a call, you have to be back" (SPECIALLY YOU HAVE TO TRY TO MEET HIS SCHEDULE WHEN YOU COME BACK OTHERWISE YOU HAVE TO GO HOME FOR NOTHING). My recommendation is "NEVER AND NEVER GO TO THAT STORE AGAIN UNLESS YOU WANT TO HAVE THE FRUSTRATED EXPERIENCES LIKE I DID"

Xochitl martinez rated this business at 9 on November 10, 2012 -- 9:30 am
I was surprised with some of the comments that the staff is rude. Ive been shopping here a year and gradually ive stopped shopping less and less any where else and more and more here. The staff that is young are immature and definitely need training but then so does all our current youth. But most of the staff is friendly and have always been helpful with me. But more importantly i appreciate all the items they sell, all organic, meat is grassfed, no gmo, the health supplements, and natural vitamins/medicine. I only gave it a 9 because being Hispanic there additional things i need that i still cant find but ive been seeing more and more of it at the store.

gina rated this business at 3 on June 27, 2012 -- 10:25 pm
They had the item I was looking for.. took a chance driving 20 miles tho.. sure would be nice if they answered the phone. The employees were not helpful when I asked about products, the guy said you just have to look around. I told him kind of difficult cause the store is crammed full of stuff. oh well....

Tara rated this business at 10 on January 12, 2012 -- 9:43 pm
Love this store and the employees are very helpful and knowledgeable! The prices are rock bottom! It does get extremely busy when the fresh produce comes in though because it is very popular.

cindianna rated this business at 10 on November 9, 2011 -- 10:59 am
I have had nothing but grade A experiences every time I go to vitamin city! They do get really busy on produce day. I did NOT find them to be weird at all. Infact quite the opposite. Maybe if you don\'t come in with a smile...then maybe, just maybe that will reflect?! Just saying...

Sheri rated this business at 9 on April 2, 2011 -- 3:09 pm
I have shopped at Vitamin City for over fifteen years and I Love it! They not only have the best prices but if you have any health issues the owner is very knowledgeable and helpful. I am very impressed with the selections and prices of their organic (locally grown) fresh fruits and vegetables!

Margie rated this business at 1 W on September 4, 2010 -- 10:13 pm
Just the worst experience with customer service they are very alouf you ask them a question and you\\\\\\\'d think you asked them to sell you the store. There is one girl there that is always happy to help you and has a smile. When you walk in and if they are moving veggies around and if your in there way they would run into you instead of stopping. They never say thank you when you have purchased anything they don\\\\\\\'t even really look you in the eye when you are checking out. I like the items they carry but they really need to take a personal relations class.

Mindy rated this business at 1 on October 27, 2009 -- 1:25 pm
they have worst atitude and no customer service at all if you want to return if the product has problem.

john rated this business at 6 on May 16, 2009 -- 4:06 pm
yes I agree that the staff are a bit weird but then again they work in an unusual place! Don't let that bother you though, the place has a great selection. Only if they can answer the phone once in a while. I tried calling the store several times and no one answered! Overall a great experience if you can disregard the weird customer service (staff are weird, but this is not WholeFoods so...don't expect curteous customer service :)

Melissa rated this business at 10 on April 12, 2007 -- 12:32 pm
great food, great prices, and very helpful staff. i find things there i have trouble finding elsewhere. i recommend it to anyone. :)

Carolyn rated this business at 10 on April 8, 2006 -- 6:37 pm
Staff is always very helpful and friendly.

Lonnie rated this business at 10 on December 3, 2005 -- 7:00 pm
They have everything you need for your nutritional needs. They have just expanded to include a frozen foods and refridgerated section. AWESOME! Buy the Muscle Milk, Waayy cheaper than the gym!

Jorge rated this business at 9 on May 6, 2005 -- 9:01 pm
This place is great!!!! I've been shoping here for years. The staff is great & very helpful!! And the prices are great!!!! George

JEWEL rated this business at 2 on February 4, 2005 -- 7:28 pm

Laura rated this business at 10 on January 24, 2005 -- 11:43 am
Love everyone there. A great community, helpful and spiritual among the shoppers who buy fresh organic produce on Wednesdays and Saturdays and also with the employees.

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