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Formerly: 667 W. ARROW HWY

Phone: (909) OutofBusiness

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Gary rated this business at 1 on March 10, 2005 -- 8:18 pm
I ordered furniture here in May and nine months later was still being told, next week. These crooks ran off with hundreds of dollars from me as well. I have also contacted the sheriff. Contact the local chamber of commerce, there is someone who is trying to organize a class action lawsuit.

Martha Zuniga rated this business at 1 on March 9, 2005 -- 7:34 pm
I got ripped of for $1000.00 also in Dec 2004.Contact San Dimas Sherriff Mckinzie 909-971-2433 to report.Join me and 5 others so far that have also gotten ripped off. Also contact San Dimas Chamber Business Lic Div 909-592-3818 Anette for more info.

Roger rated this business at 1 on March 8, 2005 -- 4:39 pm
I was screwed out of one thousand dollars. I went to look in on my chair and the entire store disappeared. Does anyone know who the owners are so I can retain an attorney? please write a review if you have the information or even if you are in the same predicament.

Susan rated this business at 1 on November 27, 2004 -- 1:11 am
I ordered furniture THREE MONTHS ago,and paid in full. When it was ordered the salesperson said it would take up to 6 weeks. After two months passed I contacted them and their response was it would be "next week" ... well, "next week" has been the response for the last month after every call I make to the store. Not once have they ever called me as a courtesy. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND BUYING ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE IF THEY HAVE TO ORDER IT!

Monica rated this business at 10 on June 20, 2004 -- 11:54 pm
they were very freindly and valarie the owner was nice no problems with furniture or store thanks leather mart

Taylor rated this business at 9 on June 20, 2004 -- 11:45 pm
I bought a dinning set and sofa set and recived great service they even delivered it to my home the same day , i not only have done repeat purchace's with them i have showed this store to all my freinds

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