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Average Customer Rating: 6.7

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Vee A rated this business at 5 A on March 24, 2014 -- 8:12 pm
Our family usually bowls here at least once a week. The food is great and it's hardly ever crowded. So the staff staff is pretty nice. And when our family comes here the staff knows who we are. But today there we're leagues so it was busy. Our family has the same routine so the staff is familar with our request. Being so busy the lady at the front desk accused me if saying something else. We we're cut off when me and my children we're playing. The staff said we owed more money in order to continue bowling. Very disappointing!

Shannon rated this business at 9 on June 29, 2010 -- 1:44 am
This place is so much fun!!! the drinks a a bit pricey but i had a blast with my friends. The DJ played great music and actually mixes live and took requests too & and he\\\'s cute lol

Mike Light rated this business at 5 on October 16, 2008 -- 12:21 am
I bowl every Friday night, really clean tidy place. Few machine glitches here and there, but hey compaired to the Vegas Bowling Allys this is gotta be the best one around. I hate that Oak Tree Place.

Edgar rated this business at 10 on July 28, 2008 -- 8:03 am
Great place to bowl. Food is good. Large screen tv while bowling. I enjoyed Nuke at Night on Saturday night. My friends and I also went into lounge and had a great time singing karaoke and dancing. With the price of gas, I recommend all San Dimas residence to enjoy this bowling center. We had a great time.

Donna rated this business at 5 on March 17, 2008 -- 3:34 pm
I like the food, the drinks, and the prices at Chaparral Lanes, but the staff was very unapologetic when my little boy slipped and fell on a floor they were mopping. Very unprofessional!

Jigga rated this business at 9 on January 8, 2005 -- 9:02 pm
chaparral lanes has been in San Dimas for a while, and it seems to withold an outstanding reputation of its fourty eight lanes. The league bowlers are always hogging the place after I get off of work. I bowled my first 250 with no handicap over there. I now find myself bowling there every day. Most the bowlers there are friendly people, however at times you meet your every know, next to you or around you; most tend to be intoxicated however... I been to some bowling allys in Vegas and those were just awesome that is why i am giving it an eight.

Brian rated this business at 8 on January 5, 2005 -- 7:29 pm
This place is pretty cool, could use better tasting food and better deals on booze but other than that n e thing u would expect from a bowling alley,

Don rated this business at 8 on August 26, 2004 -- 11:55 am
The new owners have made a number of improvements including a remodeling of the old bar. A new karaoke stage has been added as well as NTN has been brought back. At this time, the bar doesn't open until 4 PM but I hope that that will change as more customers frequent the bar -- hopefully to join us in a few games of NTN!

Josh rated this business at 1 on May 14, 2004 -- 7:06 pm

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