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Bobby rated this business at 3 on January 26, 2008 -- 10:10 pm
I'll write a review, I'm steaming... I just tried to find an E mail address to ask a simple question about a product. There is none! I will have to go to the effort to call and pay a charge if I want to know. Most inconsiderate of your customers. All I wanted to know is the method of decaffeinating your brand name coffee. Looks like I will have to use a different brand that states it on the can; which you do not even do.

Linda rated this business at 2 on December 4, 2004 -- 9:16 am
FALSE ADVERTISING! If you don't intend to sell Folgers decaffinated for the sale price in the ad, ($3.99) don't advertise as such! My store would not give me a raincheck for it, because it said while supplies last. Well they NEVER GOT IT IN! I have never been refused a raincheck from ANY store. I think this was a ploy to get the Thanksgiving shoppers into the store. This was the Upland store on Baseline.

Patricia rated this business at 10 on July 12, 2004 -- 12:10 pm
I had a massive heart attack a few years ago. Took cholesterol lowering meds for a while but they affected my kidneys. Started taking niacin a bout a year ago. Very effective. When I got home from Stater Brothers the other day, I was looking at my bill and noticed that they had given me my bottle of niacin absolutely FREE. How wonderful. Being on a fixed income, every penny saved really helps. Thank you so much Stater Brothers. I shop at store 83 and the manager is Sheree Hawkins. I'm still stunned. What a delightful surprise. Again, thank you soooo much. Pat Bavardo Sun Cityt, Ca.92586

Sally rated this business at 5 on June 6, 2004 -- 8:12 pm
Why are your raising your prices and why don't you stock appropriately? Example: I eat Healthy Choice for lunch. You stock the same gravy-laden dinners over and over, while Ralphs and Albertson's provide a wide variety of lunch and dinners and at the same or lower price (they have good sales). Also, we have always bought Stater Brothers brand frosted shredded wheat. It has always been $1.99 a box. All of a sudden you have raised the price to $2.99, but have not given us any more service or choices. Albertsons's sells a comparable choice at a much lower price with their club card. I don't want to switch stores. I have loved shopping at Stater Brothers for years, but am considering a change. Thank you. I mostly shop at the store in Aliso Viejo.

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