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sonia rated this business at 1 W on June 8, 2010 -- 2:28 am
the absolute worst service, i was told lies and lead to believe i would not be charged any fee's if i re-newed my contract and got a new phone. i asked for the manager(charles) and was screened by a sales person named shana. she told me to disconnect my service and move on, ok here is a person working for sprint telling me to go to another provider to avoid being charged fee's, wtf? would not put charles on the phone and the rest of the day(i called 4 times) was told he was busy . i left my number and no call back. have them put in writing there are no hidden fee's so they do not rip you off...BEWARE, USE A CORPORATE STORE NOT A HORRIBLE 3RD PARTY STORE LIKE THIS..

Javier rated this business at 1 on September 9, 2009 -- 1:29 am
The representatives at MMM Wireless misrepresented a sale where I am now stuck with a poorly-made Palm Pre. I was guaranteed an exchange and/or refund if I was not fully satisfied with the phone. I was instructed to return to the store within 3 days just to find out that the sales person (Charles) misrepresented himself and no exchange/refund will be honored. Consumers beware of MMM Wireless! Please have the representatives have something in writing to ensure that the transaction is valid. I have been a loyal Sprint customer for 7 years and all bills have been paid on time. For my loyalty, I am not given any type of exception and courtesy of honest information. I was merely a 'sale' to these representatives.

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