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Phone: (909) 592-1646

Business Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 5 PM - 9 PM
Friday and Saturday: 5 PM - 10 PM
Sunday: 4 PM - 9 PM

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Kevin rated this business at 9 on July 13, 2007 -- 8:39 pm
This is actually a really good steakhouse. The steaks are top choice midwestern corn fed that are aged a minimum of 21 days and it shows. They are tender and flavorful. I have found that like most places that know their steak, they tend to come out a half a degree less than what most folks expect. That is even medium well will in fact show a residual pink center so work backwards from there, but if you are used to ordering medium rare (mostly red with some pink on the edges, brown only on the surface)when what you really prefer is medium (red center, mostly pink with a thicker brown edge) keep that in mind. In addition to the steaks, the salad bar is quite fresh and has a nice selection. If you dont feel like walking the other salads are classic and good as well. The shrimp -DELETED- tail is the appitizer I always order and split with my wife. It is VERY good as well with 6 12 count shrimp (thats half a pound!!) cooked to perfection with a tasty -DELETED- tail sauce. I honestly think they lose money on this one. They dont give you quite enough sauce for my liking but you can ask for more. Be warned here again, many folks have been "trained" to think that overdone is better when it come to shrimp -DELETED- tail and are used to that meat like slightly rubbery consistency where as C&C's shrimp are more "al dente" so may seem undercooked to some but are perfect to me. The excellent wine list and liberal corkage policy make enjoying some fine vino with your meal a must. I have been just slightly less thrilled with, but have still enjoyed the side dishes and deserts which is what keeps me from awarding a 10. Service has always been very timely and good although not always up to speed on the details of the wine menu. But that is pretty much expected from a crew that values friendly over pompus and there great attitude more than makes up for it. Overall I highly recommend this place if you appreciate an aged choice midwestern steak seared to perfection (please take note of above) served with excellent wine, no pretence, and a friendly smile.

Steven rated this business at 1 on May 9, 2005 -- 5:24 am
Nothing like asking for a steak to be cooked Medium, and it comes out still cold in the middle. Plus if you are going to brag about how well marbled your steaks are, try buying steaks that have either actually marbling, instead of chunks of fat. You would be better off, going next door to Sizzler, they actually have better quality when it comes to steaks.Don't get the ribs either, they are mostly fat, and what meat there is, had an slacked taste to them, an off taste to them, like they had been frozen, thawed, frozen and thawed again. I don't recommend this place to anyone, unless you like mediocre food.

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