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Jaime Betancourt rated this business at 1 on May 25, 2009 -- 10:42 am
The most dishonest company I have ever worked with. First of all they need to change their company name. The owner of the company is named Mark and he uses threats to make you pay for his services. He calls the fire department first and they threaten to close our business if the test and repairs are not done. During his repairs, he would cause other problems such as leaks and charge a ridiculous price to fix them. He claims that the system is too old and the test itself caused the leaks. He would finish most of the work and bind you with services already performed. Since there are still problems with the fire system, he will not provide a certificate for doing all of the tests. There are two choices at this point. You can pay again for another company the come out to do the test again and fix the problems he created, or you can pay his ridiculous prices to resolve the problem. We decided to let him fix the problem for $500 testing (already performed) and $500 additional for leak repair because calling another company would mean paying another $600 at minimum. So Mark special orders a part from out-of-state which turns out to be incorrect. He reorders another part telling us that the part would cost the same price as the part he incorrectly ordered. Later turns out that the other part was about $300 more. So he finishes the work and gives us an additional bill of $948 on top of the $1000 dollars we had already paid. He will not certify our fire system until he is paid in full and he also threatens to call the fire department. Our only choice is to have another company come out and redo all of the tests for another $600 because I am not going to pay such a dishonest man for such lousy work. Do not use this company by all means. He quotes you a cheap price up front and tries to cheat you out a pretty penny later. I also found out that the parts he claims he ordered from out of state are available in abundance locally. What a Con-artist.

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