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BP Travel rated this business at 10 on March 9, 2016 -- 3:23 pm
I bought my wife a Sophia Fiori Venus ring for our anniversary back in 2008. Over the past 8 years diamonds have come loose and we've had it repaired and adjusted a couple times in the Bahamas. Recently, one of the blue princess diamonds in the invisible setting fell out. My wife doesn't know when or where it came loose - it was just gone when she went to put on the ring one day. Upon discovery, we contacted Elba Jewelry (they do repair on the Sophia Fiori collection) in San Dimas. My wife was very worried about going to "war" over the lifetime warranty. We contacted Elba and got a return authorization (RA)number. I then wrote a detailed letter outlining my concerns and expectations for their repairs. I also included copies of the original receipt and some pictures. We sent the ring certified mail and then called their office after it was delivered. In addition to replacing the missing blue diamond, I asked that they check and tighten the center 1.5 ct. diamond, fix the "out-of-round" shape of the ring (a result of repairs in the Bahamas), and repair the yellow gold at the thinnest part due to what appeared to be a slight crack. I'm happy to say that within two weeks the $10K ring was repaired, polished and returned without charge and looks brand new just like the day my wife first put it on her finger. Thank you to the person who answered the phone when I called to verify delivery (Houda), and to the entire Elba Jewelry Service Department. Your excellent work has restored our comfort level with regard to buying jewelry in the Bahamas.

Yvonne G rated this business at 1 W on March 29, 2014 -- 11:32 am
If I could give Sophia Fiori negative stars, I would. Please do your research online and you will see they are SCAMMERS!!!! I wish I had....The only reason I purchased from this company was because we had a friend working for their co. She actually drove me to their warehouse where I hand picked the jewels that I wanted. Mind you, I know jewelry and I knew these were not DeBeers or Harry Winston, but they were beautiful pieces, plus I wanted to help her and let her get the commission. I should have know something was up when they didn't want to take American Express! This was the first red flag. I insisted, as this was the only card I had on me, and they accepted it. I purchased the jewels and enjoyed them, but a few months later, my friend told me that she saw the EXACT SAME bracelet I purchased for $18k on a cruise ship (SF sells on ships- another red flag), for $8k! I never had the jewels appraised, so I wasn't sure. I contacted Bernard Bachoura, who claims to be the designer who joined his family's business when he was 16. I was pretty upset, as you would imagine, well Bernard's smug, arrogant attitude did nothing to calm me down. My husband called him back and apologized, saying I was tough, but I honestly did not like the idea of my husband buying me this beautiful jewelry that was actually all a farce- because it was A COMPLETE RIP OFF. In any case, Mr. Bachoura explained that if we got an appraisal we would "see that the bracelet was worth 18k." He claimed he would "stand behind his brand". Really? My husband and I knew this was a false claim, but went and got the appraisal anyways. Guess what: we got the bracelet appraised (by a leading jewelry co) for $8400.00. So when we sent this to Bachoura what did he do, he disputed our dispute with American Express, never return phone calls, never returned emails, and the only thing he is standing behind now is shadows. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE SCAMMERS. He may give out swag to celebs to get some press, but the REAL CLIENTS PAY FOR IT WITH SUB-STANDARD PRODUCTS AND SERVICE.

Cindy rated this business at 1 on August 3, 2009 -- 8:30 am
my husband an i purchased a ring on a cruise and we have had nothing but problems from the very beginning. It has been sent back 3 times for stones falling out and now we got it back the ring had to be remade and it was done in the wrong size and the main diamond is not set properly. You would think that paying $6,000.00 for a ring that it would be of great quality. The customer service is something to be desired as well. They never call you back and you have to do everything by email to get answers.I would never shop here again or recommend it to anyone

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