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Kimberly Reed rated this business at 10 on October 7, 2009 -- 2:56 am
After having multiple pets for 36 years,Dr.Glover is certainly one in a million!My pets have loved going to the vet since knowing her. She is always accurate,communicative,knowledgeable,passionate and extremely caring.She is always right on the money and such a pleasure to deal with, as is her staff, Krystal & Elaine.If your pets are family members, not "just pets", then you belong here.Every referral I have given has been a client of hers for life.I could rave on about Dr.Glove for days, only there isn't enough room.She is a god-send!

anita rated this business at 10 on June 30, 2004 -- 2:26 pm
Dr. Glover is an excellent vet. She is warm & comp -DELETED- ionate and clearly explains everything concerning your pet's condition and procedures she will be initiating for treatment. She never "talks down" to a client and actively involves you in your pets treatment and recovery. I have used her for nearly 20 years, through 2 pets and several relocations. She is worth hanging on to.

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